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Intro Post

I’ll be posting an about me page sometime soon, but, well whatever. I’m Dan, a student at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. I am an engineering student, a science geek, a rational thinker, a political junkie, a technical theater geek. Some people say I lack a soul. I was writing a paper a few weeks ago on a topic I find interesting, and realized how much I enjoyed writing about things I have strong opinions about, have someone critique my argument, and be forced to defend my position. Not only does it give me some academic ‘exercise’, so to speak, it forces me to consider my own opinions and why I hold them. Looking back on one’s own opinions is an important step towards gaining more knowledge, which I consider to be the purpose of life. It either solidifies your opinions because you learn new facts, or it forces you to find new opinions – either way, you know more than you used to.

I said the ‘purpose of life’ back there. I mean that in a practical way, not any metaphysical or theological way. I don’t find it necessary to (or even possible to) attribute my existence to a higher sentience, but rather to the elegant combination of a set of consistent physical laws. I don’t attribute the universe to be some ‘simulation’ of life, as some people do – the suggestion that we are just an alien’s ‘playthings’. I recall a movie ending where our galaxy was shown as part of a cosmic game of marbles played by aliens – I think of it this way: If it’s true, and we can’t prove that it is, there’s nothing that we can do about it anyway – at least, if you replace ‘galaxy’ with ‘universe’. That’s why I don’t try to explain what caused the big bang, much to the dismay of those who question me on such grounds. The singularity that occurred at the ‘beginning of time’ quite simply preserved no information from the universe that occurred before it. Explosion of time and space, remember? Every piece of matter and every quantum of energy was located in one point in space and time, and expanded from there. Whatever caused the big bang, we’ll never see it. And the last 13.7 billion years were exciting enough for me, anyway.

So, I’d like to talk a bit about just about everything – from our universe down to our political system. Science, electronics, theater, and most certainly religion are all fair game here. I look forward to talking about it.

So some administrivia. I think the way comments work here is your first comment gets put in a queue. Once I approve it, your comments get to bypass the queue and be posted immediately. I prefer it that way. I’ll be using tags to hit specific (potentially recurring) topics, and categories to hit broader ideas. If I’m talking about someone else’s blog post, I’ll try to send then a trackback. I’m not making any promises about post rate or post consistency – my life gets busy some weeks and boring other weeks. This is a consequence of working in a theater.

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